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Meet Smalls. Born four days early on July 6th…my water broke in a dive bar while watching the World Cup…at home and madly in love…welcome to the world little man.

Still in there. #smalls #40weeks #happy4th

Make meals to freeze before having a baby. Not me. Pies, cookies, and quick breads are piling up in our freezer.
This kid is still holding out on making an appearance. Maybe he’s waiting to celebrate his independence with the rest of the nation tomorrow?

A while back I got totally jealous of people getting these cool products to test. So On a slow day at the office, I signed up for Influenster.
My first box has a ton of fun stuff to review!
I’m really digging the Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous mascara. I don’t wear mascara daily, because it always ends up seriously irritating my eyes days later. I wore this three days in a row with ZERO irritation. I had to use a ton of remover to get it off my face, but a fan regardless.
Looking forward to taking this new polish for a whirl at my mani/pedi this week. I don’t typically stray from pinks, so we’ll see how it goes.
The Hawaiian Tropics lotion has already been added to my travel bag. It’s super lightweight and has a nice beachy smell. I haven’t been burnt yet this summer (wearing a maternity tankini will do that to you).
And free Jamba Juice? I’m saving these for quick meals once Smalls is here.

PS, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Breaking in my favorite corner in the new place. #blueberrymuffins

Donuts for moving day!
Dearest Friends,
Today I ply you with donuts, pizza, and booze to help us move all our shit into the open apartment downstairs. I’m hoping this “light exercise” nudges Smalls into gear. Thank you thank you for being rad and the best friends ever.
Moi + a 39 weeks Smalls

On Tuesday the doctor’s told me…”Any day now.  I’ll see you in the next day or two.”  

I’m 2cm dilated, fully effaced (TMI, sorry), and really excited to see Smalls. Even though I’m 38 weeks, he’s measuring at 39.  This kid is ready to go.

I’ve had mild contractions non-stop, every 15 mins for the past two days.  I even left work early yesterday because they were getting intense and I was sure it was the start of things.  Nothing.  

Hippie/old wives tale/things I’ve done today to get things moving:

ate spicy mango + pineapple

walked 4 miles

bounced on my birthing ball

drank a metric ton (ok 3 big mugs) of raspberry leaf tea

Any suggestions?

Dear Doctor,
You told me on Wednesday to expect this babe in the next 2-3 days. I’ve walked my 5 miles daily and finished a pitcher of raspberry leaf each day as well. Where’s this kid?
Me and my fat, swollen ankles

Work lunch. Best team ever. (at 72andSunny)

Feeling the love from my two favorite people on this birthday. #mom #jota