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Labor Day with my babe.

Smalls seems to get an upset tummy when I have dairy, so I’m having a go at cutting milk and cheese out of my diet. However, I had this grand plan to make a brownie pie with peanut butter mousse for a BBQ tomorrow. Testing a dairy free (vegan) recipe for the mousse…which is pretty much against my baking religion.
In my experience, baking vegan means using ingredients that are way more processed (and worse for you) than using real ingredients. Don’t get me started on using shortening/crisco/margarine/faux butter/egg replacers. That shit grosses me out.

No, I’m not feeling a nap right now.

A dream come true.

A dream come true.

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This kid.

I can’t decided if I should top my english muffin with avocado or almond butter.

Edit: went halfsies and topped one with avo, sea salt, and balsamic. The other with crunchy almond butter and ollalieberry jam.

Don’t worry, we’ll save him one for his 21st birthday.

Blistered Red Pepper Sauce. I threw this together last night to go with roasted green beans, potatoes, and Apple Gouda sausage. It would be great tossed with some pasta and fresh veggies, and I’m going to try thinning it out to make a simple vinaigrette.

1 red pepper, whole
3 cloves garlic
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

Sorry, I’m terrible about actually measuring anything, so this is all to taste/consistency.

Roast your pepper in the oven at 350 for like 15 mins. Take it out and blister the skin on the stovetop. Let it cool enough to touch, peel the skin off if you want. I’m lazy and left it on. Then bust out the immersion blender and cup. Throw the cloves in, give a couple swirls of oil, and a couple glugs of vinegar. Salt, pepper, blend, eat.

Hanging with Master Wyatt. #smalls


My PR agency job only ever requires level 5 and 4 - I could pull off level 3 if needed but 1 and 2 could never happen given my wardrobe. That being said, some people take level 5 to the extreme as some things are never work appropriate (in my mind!):

  • Ripped anything
  • Lulu anything
  • Tube tops (good god, no one should wear those anyway!)
  • Bum-crack showing pants (wear a belt!)
  • Shorts
  • Too tight dresses / underwear lines

I’m curious, where do your jobs fall on the 5 levels business attire?

I’m thankful for maternity leave so I don’t have to have the following conversation with the young ladies in the office:
"Don’t you want people to notice your ideas rather than your…"
- Cutoffs so short it looks like you’re not wearing pants
- String bikini tops underneath wide arm tank tops
- Dress so see through we can see your matching mint bra + unders.