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Dads helping dads.

Catalina Adventuring. #springbreak

Butterscotch dirt cups with marzipan veggies for Easter treats!

Fruits and veg. #marzipan

The new tech at the blood lab is singing some weird lounge-y type song, and I can’t believe I’m wishing the surly, bitter gal I’ve had every time was here.
We just finished at the doctor and he says Smalls is one active baby, with super long legs. The little man is also breech, despite being head down 4 weeks ago. Which obviously makes me think, “You’re killing me Smalls.”
My heartburn has been out of control, and of course the doctor says to not eat things like pizza and pasta. And I’m all, “Duh. I’ve only gained 18 lbs….you think I got this far eating junk?” But I do have dessert every day. Guess I should cut that out.
This has turned into quite the ramble. Happy Thursday!

Happy Wednesday indeed! Thanks @jenn__barrett for the beautiful treats!
#susiecakes (at 72andSunny)

Playing with marzipan #sundayfunday #baking

Woke up to hear Linus heaving in his bed and thought, “oh, guess I’ll have some puke to clean up. Might as well wash their bedding.”

Only to discover he’d actually shat the bed at some point during the night and now both dogs were covered in dried shit.

Two doggie baths, one load of laundry, one hosed out crate, and one shower later; I’m sitting down to enjoy my coffee.

This is what a baby will be like right? Only I won’t have time to shower and I’ll be running on no sleep.

Ugh. Sunday.

Weekend #2 of cleaning, purging, organizing, and now putting a million things together for Smalls’ room. Poor Radar. He’s stuck on the couch because he can’t navigate all the boxes.

Is there a worse plan than the laundromat on a Sunday afternoon? I think not.