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Cheers to twelve Sundays with these guys. #smalls #12weeksold

We go to happy hour every Friday at this quirky little spot around the corner. It’s like a fancy little bodega with a deli counter, kitchen, ice cream, fresh juices, and beer + wine. Sometimes they have a band in the corner. And when you leave, there’s a register at the door and you just tell the girl what you had. A little honor system never hurt anyone. I love our corner of the neighborhood.

A girlfriend and I took Smalls to the Annenberg Community Beach House today! We declared it a successful trip, seeing as there weren’t any massive blowouts like our trip to the beach last week. And we were able to get lunch (and wine) after our time in the sun. He wore his swim dipe in pool, and kicked around like a little mad man. I think we’ll head back on Saturday with Dad in tow!

Happy Fall! #thatbeachlife

Today my 11 week old was mistaken for a 9 month old. I mean, come on. I know he’s big and all, but he’s only in the 50th percentile for his weight.

This kid just puked on me, then shat on me, then shat all over his diaper bag (and spare clothes)…all in a two minute span at lunch with an old co-worker today. Oh, and it was just as our food came, and then she told me she’s 10 weeks along. I hope she enjoyed the glimpse into her near future.
We get home, and he pukes all over the car seat. BRB, washing all the things now.
PS, lunch was delicious.

The view during our Stroller Strides classes.

If I’m going to huff and puff around with a stroller at least it’s pretty out. Unfortunately it was so hot last week, we only made it to class two days. We made up for it with walks along the beach.

After 5 weeks of class (11 weeks total) I’m happy to report that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothing! I actually hit the weight goal at 9 weeks, but my clothes were still a bit tight in random places. Working out has never been a thing of mine, and I’m surprised I’m enjoying it as much as I am. I think it helps that I’m with ladies who understand the need to wear 2 sports bras at a time and push my stroller while I’m walking and breast feeding (no easy feat with this chunker).

My goal now is to lose an additional 10 lbs by the New Year, and to continue building my baby lifting muscles. I can’t wait to start chasing this little one around.

It’s never too hot for a walk along the beach. #laheatwave (at Playa del Rey Beach)

Whisking gallons of double cream in a bowl as big as a baby elephant and lifting heavy machinery meant that my right bicep was soon much bigger than my left one. I mentioned this once to a colleague who replied, ‘Oh, that’s nothing. Just wait until your sleeve stops fitting on one arm and you have to buy a bigger size to accommodate it.’
from “Professional Bakers Are Lopsided and Burnt to Shit” (via fritesandfries)

Jota used to massage my hands out of their T-Rex shape first thing in the morning. Hand scooping thousands of muffins and cupcakes wasn’t as bad as the poison ivy-esque rash I got from dunking my arm in brownie batter to scrape the bottom of the bowl.

Rough day, killer surf. (at Playa del Rey Beach)